Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Donna and Gaga

(click on the thumbnail to see larger version. This one is poopie)

So, I finally finished a piece that I've been working on for several months now. Not every day, mind you, but whenever I had time, I would add a few lines and colour here and there. So, I'm finally pleased with how it turned out and hope you all enjoy as well. (whoever sees this anyways)

Madonna and Lady Gaga as the world sees them (apparently). Madonna was the original queen of outgoing fashions and controversial themes/videos in regards to religion and then came princess Gaga doing the same thing. I keep hearing everyone saying "oh this sounds so like Madonna's ________ song" or "well Madonna already did that...". Well people, like fashion, things will come and go and repeat themselves throughout the ages. GET OVER IT.

Madonna has her music sound, and so does Lady Gaga. Like artists we take things that inspire us and we take that inspiration and turn it into our own. For example, I may be doing a piece inspired by Mucha and it may look like his "style" of drawings, but in the end, its still MY piece. So therefore it's still the finishing artists no matter what. Heck, have you heard most of the songs on the radio nowadays? They're pretty much just "remixes" of songs from like 10+ years ago like J-Lo's "Lambada" takeover or the Black eyed Peas "Having the Time of my Life" abomination. Way to be original.

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