Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Tis the Seson

So, it seems it has been a while since my last post but that can only be due to me having a busy Nov/Dec. Not only am I now working 2 jobs but I have been working on gifts for friends and family on my days off as well. Work in Toronto has been slow as of late, but thats only due to projects coming to a close and things on hold, etc...so...I've been pretty much saving money on gas lol.

Also, since im uber poor once again I've decided to make presents for friends and family consisting of 8 bit characters and personalized tree ornaments. the 8 bits are for all my nerdy friends and range from Skyrim helmets to Chun Li to 1UP mushrooms. The materials I used were Hama beads you pretty much put onto a grid and then iron together to meld he pieces once you're done. It's pretty easy but takes a while to do seeing as I have to fish out the colours I wanna use each time. Heres an example of one:

I have also been somewhat productive in updating my website (finally) with the new work I've done and changing the look of a few pages to a more modern way of telling things. Like the clients I've had, instead of just a boring old list, I've show logos which is more more visually interesting! I also still need to update my client work portfolio but I cant really do much until the work I've done at Spoke goes live some time in January or so. I'm really excited about a particular one seeing as it's going to be a Facebook App! :D

As for new images, I've whipped up a few new ones that I'm pretty proud of. Can you tell which one I spent the most time on? lol

Also I have been working with a friend on creating a logo/business card design for her new company in Towoomba Australia. It's a pretty awesome concept of taking professional photos at fun events using props and silly hats to make it more awesome. We need more of those here ;p

So, thus has been whats going on in my life so far, busy as hell, cannot wait til the holidays are over and I can get back to my regularly scheduled program. Til then.