Monday, May 7, 2012


Well it has been a very busy weekend and nothing says Sunday like a relaxed atmosphere filled with amazing artists, photographers, sculptors, and vendors.

My good friend Lara and her husband at Jaded Dragons Studio were amazing enough to bring this idea of an art convention to life for us all. They have been working for months to bring local artists together, sending out flyers and emails and press releases for this thing, I'm quite proud and thankful for all their hard work.

The day started off great, I left early to go pick up my friend from Toronto, and we were gonna have tons of time to go set up and peruse around before the show opened, although things didn't quite turn out how I wanted. As me and my bf arrived off the highway at Front St. we discovered they were holding a marathon that day and had pretty much all of Front blocked off barely letting small groups of cars drive through...

Well, after a short time of waiting to be trafficked  across in breaks of the marathon runners we successfully picked up my friend and headed back towards the highway until we discovered....once you came into the couldn't get out...(pretty much). We drove street after street trying to find a way back onto the highway but because of all the runners no cars were let across the street. We ended up waiting down a street we thought we could cross for about half an hour before saying "Fuck this shit, let's just drive all the way til we reach the end of the marathon...we got an art show to set up for!!"

So that we did, and we were eventually directed by a police officer down Adelaide to some street I cant recall and we made our way out. *Phew*

Getting there and setting up was a breeze and the day started off great with lots of new friendly faces and compliments of all kinds and didn't stop until the end of the night. Neighboring artists included Genevieve Letourneau who sat across from me and had visually beautiful art which included 3D cut-out illustrations and images drawn on wood shapes. To my left, at the end table was Julie Pomerleau who's traditional work is quite wonderful and varied as well, partnered with her friend Ben. Behind us was a fellow Sheridan art student named Dayna Duxbury with wonderful hand made notebook covers and buttons with art and bookmarks as well. We all connected in that art related way and talked the day away.

I did have time to do an art trade with the wonderful and talented Heather Soeder after discussing our passion for watercolour and speaking of fun techniques and methods of the medium. I "squee" every time I look at the little fluffy chickadee illustrated in her piece, which I can't help but stare at constantly. Thank you again Heather!

I also bought a piece from the uber talented Leigh Anna Frostad which I honestly think I paid way too little for, for what she can do. Her work is witty and beautiful, as you can see in the picture and I love everything about this piece. She is, yet another MLP fan and I love it.

So, until next time (which should be Fan Expo) I'll be possibly drawing and creating things to sell keeping me busy during the days and will keep updating for the next big thing which should be Anime North where I'm going to attend as a SPECTATOR instead of a VENDOR for once, which is nice because I can actually go and see things rather than sitting behind a table all weekend... plus I haven't been to AN in ages.