Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Job

Ok, so it finally happened. I got a job in the field that I graduated for! This has been a busy and exciting few weeks as I have been traveling back and forth from Toronto to Oakville, but you know what? I dont care! The time I spend driving home each day I think about how grateful I am that this opportunity has come to rise.

So let me explain how this came to be. For about 2 years now I've been on call for freelance work for an Advertising Agency called SPOKE! helping to design advertising pitches for their clients or whatever else they needed me to do. I've been bugging the owner for a while now joking around asking when he was going to hire me because I was dying to work for him. The atmosphere and people who work here is super cool and relaxed but we all get shit done. (for example a few people are playing Tetris right now :p on the PS3 they bought for the office) I also already know a few of the people here from when I cooped at their previous job, but alas there "wasn't enough work for me to work full-time" so I had to keep playing the waiting game.

Then one night after a fun and relaxing night with my bf down at lakeshore watching the huge waves crash over the shore, we were driving home and I saw I had an e-mail on my phone Spoke. I dont think I even fully read the e-mail, all I saw was "work part-time" and something else before I started screaming with utter joy freaking my bf out. I told him in one breath what had happened before calling my mom, freaking her out with my screaming the news at her followed by us both bawling over the phone. She had been hoping and praying for me all these years to find a job but understood the market wasn't the greatest for opportunities right now but was so proud that she could say I had found something.

I bought myself a new Macbook Pro with 13" screen for the job which was well overdue and I have been working hard getting stuff done for the company so I can show 'em what I got! So...I'll update once thats all said and done.

After all his all I have to say is that I want the world to know that I do, honestly, believe now....that everything happens for a reason. I cant thank people both living and dead, enough for this. The ones closest to me has offered so much support lately tht it made me realize that when times get tough, they will always be there for me.