Monday, July 25, 2011

Fan Expo Excitement & Wing Making!

I'm so excited for the upcoming Fan Expo this August 25th-28th at the Convention Center in Toronto I'm about to burst. Once again this year I will be selling my prints as well as cat ear headbands, t-shirts and other fun stuff along side my good friend Rosemary. Table's have gotten quite expensive so were both sharing the table costs.

Every year I like to dress up even though I'm stuck behind a table, just because it's like my favorite holiday (Halloween) but in August. The outfit changes each year but this time I purchased a beautiful dress off of e-bay and cannot wait to receive it in the mail. It was about $150.00 after shipping and will be here sometime this week if not the next. *anticipated joy*

Here's what it looks like:

from the e-bay store "Victorian Choice"

So, with this dress I will be wearing my long black curly wig I've had for ages as well as my lolita top hat headband for full effect of the victorian/lolita look. I also decided I wanted to make little angel wings to go with my outfit (cuz I have an angel fetish apparently) and it was a bit of work to do but I finally accomplished what I wanted and they turned out great. I'll be hooking them onto the back of my corset so they don't move around and so that they don't look like the mainstream wings with the ribbon and the center piece joining the two wings together. I recorded the process just so, if you want, you can try it yourself :P

First take a stencil and make the basic wing shape cut into matching crafter's foam pieces.

Then, take either a coat hanger or any kind of wire (I used really thick jewelry wire from Micheals) and bend it into the basic shape of the wing. This will help it not to flop over and let you curve the wings if need be.

Then (carefully) cover the wire with ribbon so it doesn't move around. I suggest using the same colour ribbon as your wings/fabric or it might show through. This was the only ribbon I could use, so I just had to cover it up more :p

Cover the back of your wing with feathers starting with the bottom layer then working your way up. For the larger feathers I had to cut the tips into the pointed/oval shapes that I wanted then added on the small fluffy feathers on top.

Finally, the other side. I wanted to incorporate red into the inside of the wings so I added them to the middle layer of feathering and added the black fluffy ones on top.

Once all the feathers are glued on you can carefully bend and curve the wire underneath to have a more natural look to the folding wings. The wire I bought bent quite easily with nothing popping off or snapping so it was a pleasure to work with. So there you have it! Pretty little angel wings you can wear with anything on anything.

I'll be posting pictures of my completed outfit once I get everything so look forward to it. ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Once Again..

So, starting on a new project have been meaning to do for quite some time between my full time job (again) I wonder how long it will take me to finish?...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Absinthe Faery

It's finally done!I've been working on this for a few days now and I'm happy to say that its done. It's been a process of trial and error, and fixing things left and right but I think I got it all working now. Here's the step by step of how this image came to be:

This started with s simple sketch at work just figuring out the hand placement and gesture.

Then the image was done in illustrator with a quick colour test just to figure out what would look good together and figure out the placement once again.

Then the background was placed in although I kept not liking the whole circular mirror idea behind her because it looked (or at least, reminded me) of the other image I did with the angel and devil so I took it out.

So here is two versions of the final image.

The image on the left is with textures added to the flat vector image.The image onthe right is the same although I added shadows to make it look more 3d.

I'm having a hard time deciding between the two because one looks nice the way it is, simple and flat and the other looks nice with the shadows but then the shadows look too dark to me or, I dunno something just looks wrong with it. Thus is my dilemma and because I'm too picky.

I know for sure tomorrow I'm gonna hate this piece, like I do with all my other ones...blah.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Up and coming new image. Progress work to follow upon completion ;)

On The Go

There's been so much on the go right now creativity wise. I've been so inspired lately just by everything that I just don't want to stop drawing.ever.

I still have about 2 pieces I still need to finish (the lady with the purple dress and the swimmin one) but I keep starting other ones and get so absorbed with those that they just keep getting pushed back and back. I've always been like this tho, just keep getting newer ideas and getting so excited about those that the other stuff just gets put on hold or unfinished. It's kind of like my sketchbooks....I have about a billion of them and if you look, I never go right until the end, there's always blank pages...heh.