Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good News seems my work is finally getting noticed publicly. A Fashion magazine called Plaid ( has contacted me recently and wants me to be a part of their art show entitled "Drawing Influence". Its happening on the 22nd of September and will run for the whole week. Me and 4 other local artists will have their work shown as well and I'm really looking forward to meeting with them. I'll post more information once I get it from the programmer.

Things have been uber busy now since the deadline to send in the pieces is in......5 days. I have all the prints done and framed but I'm doing an original piece for the show and its gonna take me a while. With Fan Expo prep, art show prep, work, etc life has been flying by it seems. I can only imagine if I had client work to do on top of all this I think I'd be tweaking a