Thursday, July 7, 2011

Absinthe Faery

It's finally done!I've been working on this for a few days now and I'm happy to say that its done. It's been a process of trial and error, and fixing things left and right but I think I got it all working now. Here's the step by step of how this image came to be:

This started with s simple sketch at work just figuring out the hand placement and gesture.

Then the image was done in illustrator with a quick colour test just to figure out what would look good together and figure out the placement once again.

Then the background was placed in although I kept not liking the whole circular mirror idea behind her because it looked (or at least, reminded me) of the other image I did with the angel and devil so I took it out.

So here is two versions of the final image.

The image on the left is with textures added to the flat vector image.The image onthe right is the same although I added shadows to make it look more 3d.

I'm having a hard time deciding between the two because one looks nice the way it is, simple and flat and the other looks nice with the shadows but then the shadows look too dark to me or, I dunno something just looks wrong with it. Thus is my dilemma and because I'm too picky.

I know for sure tomorrow I'm gonna hate this piece, like I do with all my other ones...blah.

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