Friday, September 23, 2011

Drawing Influence Art Show

So, the day has come and gone with my first art show. I was super nervous/excited and sweating buckets in the tiny venue but I made it through.

The night began with horrific traffic and trying to bear through my mothers fits of stress as we drove to pick up my boyfriend then head to the venue. She always needs to be early for everything and freaks out if for some reason we'd be late. Although after some patience we made it to the venue 15 minutes early before the supposed opening time to discover that they were only 1/2 finished setting up?...

I, in all honesty, was quite upset over this seeing as they only had one of my pieces up and the others were "misplaced" somewhere, but luckily after a casual stroll down the block and about an hour later they had everything in order and the show was a great success. I had to remember that this was their first art show and with that there is always some form of chaos and time restraints that come with something like this. Heck, I remember what it was like the first time I did a convention, I underestimated how long it would have taken o set up and was still pinning up things in my booth as the people walked by.

I chatted with many lovely people such as editors, bloggers, and art lovers and I loved to see such positive feedback from everyone. One editor tweeted: "Love the chubby legs on 'What Shall I Wear' by Nicole DeCaria" which then got a response saying "So I'm happy when a designer or artist remembers that not all women have skinny and "weak" legs." This made me so happy. Srsly. One gentleman who writes for BlogTO, eyeweekly and other local papers said he loved my work and would like to purchase it if it doesn't sell by the end of the show. (exciting!) I think though, I was the only artist that showed up...kinda weird lol but at least I could give insight to my work if anyone asked.

I am seriously grateful that Plaid Magazine found me online and gave me the opportunity to showcase my work to the public, get my name out there, and have the chance to network for posssible job opportunities. I also thank my aunt and cousin for helping me with getting my outfit and accessories together for the show, and just for spending time out having fun. I'm thankful for my mom, cousin and boyfriend who came to support me even though it was somewhat of a late night for them as well. I don't know what may come of this, but here's hoping its a good one!

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