Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Fun October

So, it seems October has been a busy and productive month with many fun and exciting things happening. As my last blog post stated, I've been super busy with my new job doing various projects for various companies (soon to be announced when it launches ;p) I'm excited to see the progress so far and cant wait to see it live! The drive in to Toronto hasn't been so bad, since I normally work 1-5 I miss the traffic going into to work, but kinda get stuck into the beginnings of it on the way back. I find if I leave right at 5 its ok, some crawling towards the beginning but then it opens up around Cawthra or so. I personally don't mind traffic, just a little bit of music, and my mind fills up the rest.

This month I also got to go see Evanescence preform after their 3 year break. It was nice to see her preform live again seeing as she puts a lot of emotion and effort into when she sings. I went to line up at around 3 even though the doors opened at 7. It's a goods thing I did too, it started pissing rain that day and luckily I got a spot under the tent part at the front beside the building because man, that would be a long and miserable wait. Argel joined me after he was done work and got us street meat to beat the hunger only to get heart burn from it later lol. The concert was great with some pretty awesome bands to start the show like Rival Sons, and Pretty Reckless who the lead singer was the younger sister from "Gossip Girl". Amy Lee was gorgeous as always and I LOVED her outfit she wore that night. It reminded me of a goth princess/prom dress with black sparkly schiffon and a plaid bow sash to the side. I liked it so much I drew it! Anyways, here's some pics to follow up the text:

Singer for Rival Sons (reminded me of Mic Jagger)

Singer for Pretty Reckless

Amy Lee

her outfit that night I really adored.

So that's pretty much it for events happening this October but oh wait, there's Halloween, thats the next blog post ;p

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